Monday, December 21, 2009

Night Mono

Another night shot; this is of the old Kellogg office, now a law office. Actually at this time of day, it is a closed office. I liked the shadows cast by the street lamps on the stairs and building.

I'm still too busy with holiday and family to do much looking and responding, but you should check out more monochromes -click over to The Monochrome Weekly, presented by Aileni.

And, happy solstice!


Lucy Corrander said...

It looks eerie - as if a Munster might come to the door if one were to ring.

I'm a Christmas person and would feel odd wishing you a Happy Solstice so I hope it's ok to wish you a Happy Christmas when it comes.

I bought some incense in a Witches Shop a few weeks ago. (Yes, we have a shop for witches near us!) And I had a funny conversation with the woman (witch, I suppose) behind the counter who talked about Yule while I talked about Christmas. Neither of us was trying to make a point, we just used our accustomed language and got along fine. Odd world!


fredamans said...


Happy holidays!

B SQUARED said...

Enjoy the holidays, it's a lot more important.