Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Three Rivers Meneely Bell

A little more history spotted down in a depression below the sidewalk, next to the fire station on Michigan. Meneely, for the ironworks that made the bell in 1868. Meneely was famous for the 1876 "Centennial Bell" casting which is the current Liberty Bell now seen in in Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA. Other Menleey bells are on display at the Hudson-Mohawk Gateway Museum in Troy, Michigan, where the original foundry was located.

The Meneely Bell was first a fire bell and then a school bell before becoming a memorial bell. Huss Elementary School is now closed, with its schoolyard somewhat eerily reverting to nature; the building is being purchased by a religious group. The original old fire station? I'll have to look for a photo, but it is now a nice big, if somewhat inconveniently placed, parking lot.

The memorial is for a former fire chief. The plaque says -

The Meneely Bell
In Recognition of Dedicated Service
S.N. Crose, Fire Chief
April 19, 1937 - December 31, 1985

The Meneely Bell was purchased in 1868 for a fire station located on what is now the North Main Parking Lot. From 1919 to 1982 the bell was used at the Huss Elementary School. Through the efforts and commitment of S.N. Crose, Fire Chief, with cooperation from the Three Rivers Community Schools, the Meneely Bell was returned to the City of Three Rivers. It is secured at the Three Rivers Fire Station in honor of S. (Sy) N. Crouse, April 19, 1937 - December 31, 1985.


Someone's Mom said...

The community must have really thought highly of the Chief to make such a nice tribute.


In Three Rivers, Michigan said...

Yes, I'll have to find out more about him.