Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Color and the Strawberry King

One good drop in the temperature and the sugar maples have started to turn! And we got the promised sunny day.

This is a view up Kellogg Street this morning, to a very gothic-looking old house that sits next to a skating rink. Kellogg was not the corn flakes guy; the street is named after a local grower who was called "The Strawberry King". He hybridized and sold strawberry plants in the early 1900s. His farms covered much of what is now the north end of town, and were the largest in the world at the time. More here: Russel M. Kellogg.


Someone's Mom said...

This is a great picture. That tree is glowing!


Kathleen said...

Too bad the "newfangled" 4 wheel gas guzzler messes it up. Otherwise could be any era.