Sunday, September 13, 2009

Latvian Garage Sale

The Three Rivers area Latvian community had a garage sale this weekend, in the park at the Ciems Latvija subdivision. Just the usual garage sale stuff, but in Latvian, and with the most delicious homemade breads and pastries, sold by people speaking Latvian. Tarts, cakes, cheese and fruit concoctions, pork in aspic, I bought some of each, but the most amazing was the Latvian rye bread. Dense and chewey, with a slight lemony tang and a little caraway. I'm going back for more!

The sun was very bright but the huge trees around the park structure make is seem cool and dim. I'm not sure what the sign over the entrance says, by the music notes, it's probably from a song. "Skaista mana brai a seta/Tik celai vietina/Garezera, Ciema un Latvija"

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Someone's Mom said...

Well this is something entirely unfamiliar to me. The food sounds great!