Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Drive

Buried in the roadside shrubbery is another mysterious historical marker, a brass plaque inset into a boulder.

Pioneer Village
Platted 1833
Elrected by Abiel Fellows Chapter, D.A.R., 1925

On Constantine Road, by the bridge over the St. Joseph River. There is no sign of any "village" in the vicinity, just a couple of modern houses. Historian Sue Stillman, in the local history "St. Joseph in Homespun", wrote in 1931 of the "the deserted village of Eschol." Local lore says that Sauganash was buried in Eschol, as it was built on an old trade route; a nearby golf course was named after him in the 1920s. Stillman thought it more likely that the grave was for another Potawatomi with a similar name.

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