Thursday, July 23, 2009

Riverside marker

A strange little historical marker, on River Street just past the point where the Portage River comes into the St. Joseph, near downtown. Text on the plaque:

MAY 9, 1934
Four Walnut Seedlings From Gettysburg, Mt. Vernon, and the Grave of PRESIDENT GEORGE WASHINGTON were planted here under the auspices of Three Rivers--A.T. Van Alstyne, mayor, BSA & DAR
Address by Rev. W. J. Malcolm
Stone erected May 9, 1963 by members of Presbyterian Boy Scout Troup 112 of 1934

Then there are four plaques set in the base, "BSA Honors" then names, Fenner Ball, Adam Armstrong, Douglas Stowe, Charles Gross.

There is a walnut tree. Behind the marker is visible the former high school which was sold to a church for $1; it is now the local megachurch. Before we moved here I remember reading in the local paper that there was discussion about giving the park in which it sits away so the city would not have to pay for mowing. The monument is across the street from the St. Joseph River.

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