Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

The rain washed away all the snow and left a beautiful sunny day on the Portage River in Three Rivers.

Last night we went out and walked in the (relatively) warm evening on ice-free streets. Most Christmas decorations were still up, beautiful trees in the bay windows of Victorian mansions and more modern homes. Drapes of colored lights and the occasional inflated Santa. A grey mound - the remnants of a snowman. We could look into the well lit houses, New Year's parties with grownups in the kitchen and the kids in the yard. So cheery!
Then we walked downtown, where the Riviera had a band and a party in the bar (hi Karen, I waved but you didn't see me). Pub 21 was full and there was a lively crowd at Pisano's, most of whom were involved in a pool tournament. Lights and color and action!

Happy New Year to all!