Saturday, February 20, 2010

Monochrome Race

Seen in monochrome is the race from the Rocky River as it exits the old powerhouse. The race then goes under Michigan Avenue, through Scidmore Park, and joins the St. Joseph River just above the point where the main part of the Rocky flows into the St. Joseph. In the distance is a barn in the park.

The old powerhouse provided electricity for downtown Three Rivers in decades past; the building now fuels the area with expresso, dispensed at LA's Coffee, which shares space in the former powerhouse building with a travel agent.

Leaving the cafe yesterday morning with my coffee in hand, the scene just looked like a perfect monochrome. To see more of the world in monochrome, just click over to The Monochrome Weekend, presented by Aileni.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Skywatch Sunset

A lovely sunny day today for the Friday skywatch. Coming in to Three Rivers from the north, a sunset worthy of the beautiful day is seen across the snowy cornfields.

More Friday skies from around the world may be seen at Skywatch Friday, click here:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

GAR and a Cane

The American Civil War (1861–1865) both shattered and formed the United States. After the war, Union veterans formed a group that became the most influential political organization in the US for the next fifty years. It was called "The Grand Army of the Republic" (G.A.R.), and the chapter (or "Post") of this powerful organization in Three Rivers was named after Edward M. Prutzman, who was killed during a battle in Resaca, Georgia, in May of 1864.

His name has appeared again in the local news. As reported in an article this week by Elena Hines of the Three Rivers Commercial-News, a man cleaning an attic in Pennsylvania found an elaborate gold and mahogany walking stick that had been presented to Edward M.'s father, A. C. Prutzman, by "The Citizens of Three Rivers, Michigan, Sept. 23, 1893".

A. C. Prutzman was a promoter of Three Rivers as early as 1838, when he built the giant flatboats called "arks" that were used for shipping on the St. Joseph River. He also owned warehouses along the rivers, and became wealthy through his shipping businesses. A. C. was the city's chief librarian, and also served six terms as state senator. He died in 1899.

Many men from the Three Rivers area died in the Civil War, and the finding of the cane has been a chance for people today to re-learn the stories of the lives of both the father and son. The G.A.R. began declining in influence as its membership aged; and it was officially disbanded in 1956 after the death of its last Civil War veteran member.

The photo shows a gravesite of a G.A.R. member, marked when the organization was still active, with the name "Ed. M. Prutzman Post" clearly marked.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Car Waits in Snow

Like yesterday's horse, this car also has a blanket! Not as warm, though.

Happy Chinese New Year and also Valentine's Day, both at once. Take your sweetie out to a nice Chinese restaurant!

To see more of the world in monochrome, just click over to The Monochrome Weekend, presented by Aileni.